Ancient Cities Gameplay and Kickstarter Update – Strategy Survival City Builder Game for PC

Ancient Cities the new Strategy Survival City Builder Game for PC, is now on Kickstarter – expected release late 2018

-Now you can support AncientCities on Kickstarter here:

– You can find our FAQ and tons of information in Ancient Cities greenlight page, even with greenlight already over:

– You can find daily development updates, polls and a very nice active community in our twitter @_AncientCities

– Release date: Late 2018.

AC is a strategy survival city builder game for PC being developed by Uncasual Games.


TheMightyRen says:

What’s the other game you’re anticipating??

212superdude212 says:

man, i wish i had the money to back this ):

Miec Z says:

whats the other game?

Sandy Mcmullen says:

love this

Dr. Laurel says:

Wow,cant wait to play this game

Ozymandias Riper says:

Sorry im poor 🙁

David Winters says:

I will donate on the 23rd. It looks awesome!!!

anita schweiz says:

cool game

Dale Fearnley says:

yeah i want this game too. but i am not the tech person so as long get it through Steam, then we are good to go.

Ryan Shannon says:

This game looks great! I backed them, thanks for bringing them to people’s attention.

diekik2 says:

Donated 25 😀

Lodewijk Vrije says:

try life is feudal forest village its on steam now. its pretty good looking too, and plays more like banished.

Karagianis says:

To be honest, I like the look of it, but I’ve had some bad experiences buying into games in alpha and this isn’t even THAT far along.

anishp16 says:

I’ve already donated but was wondering if reached out to other youtubers that you know to ask their subscribers if they’d like to support it? It seems like such an awesome game with huge potential.

Penkitten 82 says:

the developers are so nice. I asked to make a video to promote the kick starter and they sent me in game footage to use, then they retweeted my video when it was done

Lourens Gotze says:

donated for the 40 package

NatsukiBlade says:

I love this! This is my main type of games. I would really like to support them, but I have my doubts that they will actually reach their goal within this deadline.. That’s just too short for the amount of money they need

Awesomewolfpic says:

idk i might have to wait till 2018 if it makes it goal ask idk right now as i want look at some other games i want.

Warren Goddard says:

If I had more than £0.21 in my account right now. I’d definitely consider backing this.

Internal Bleating says:

I love your videos!! I will be a patreon one day!

Some Person says:

this game looks a ton of fun! ;D
more gameplay please!

Tejas Samant says:

Age of Empires Gone 3D

Like if you love Age of Empires

RossHildick3D says:

NICE! thanks for introducing me to this. gunna back it! I want this game!

Pediaan Productions says:

I might donate if my paycheck comes in time for me to back IT. otherwise cri cri

Jakob Lund says:

Hey Skye.. Seems like you really want this game made and it doesn’t have much time left to make the money. Maybe you should try and contact Jim Sterling, he started looking at Kickstarter games now.

Riplash says:

I’m just worried that it will turn out to be vaporware.

Daniel Jackson says:

i pledged the 67doller “lord” reward we need alot more people backing :/

Steeve says:

65€ to have access to the beta is too much, and I’m not going to give 25 € to just wait for the game to go out! I think they should give access to beta to anyone who donates € 25 or more, so they will reach the goal very easily.

Robert Burke says:

I was going to mention this to you but I don’t like saying “can you check out this game”. I’m poor but I still have some money on my steam acount so that would be my only way to support this. Awesome looking , so hope we can get this made.

tuomopoika says:

25€ well spent.
Better than grabbing games that I never play in Steam sale tomorrow.

Andrew B says:

just donated 40€ first time using kick starter. looks absolutely brilliant can’t wait

Justyburger says:

It looks a lot better than Banished. I’m looking for something else as i have worn out Cities Skylines after nearly 5000 hours. Monster game but think I’m done with it.

Simon Mcmenemie says:

This looks awesome been following it for ages and ive supported it I didnt even realise my pledge got me a copy of the game when its released i jut gave anyway and was prepared to buy it on release. Looking at the fence laying it’s got your name written all over it skye, it looks that in depth it could be ” welcome back guys to episode 3789 of ancient cities fricken awesome.

iMPRE7ed says:

Put 25 from me in 🙂 way to go though, hopefully your video helps with that 😉

Patrick Carter says:

Looks similar to Banished and Life Is Feudal: Forest Village in gameplay. I wonder how similar they REALLY are.

Mike Hillmann says:

I’m backing it, but I don’t think they will meet their goal.  They need to extend the time.  2 weeks is not enough in my opinion.  I’ll just back them again when they launch a new campaign.

Steven Van Rompaey says:

Pledged for 60, hope to see it too, and to see you play it and do some bonehead moves in it. 🙂

Michael DePelteau says:

Alright Skye, I pledged 25 Monopoly dollars for ya, best I could do atm! Cheers!!

SuomiMies says:

This won’t get funded enough to meet the goal if you’re looking how’s it going

Killviner 1876 says:

I hope it turns out like what they how it is. Unlike some other games *NO MANS SKY*

Choppytehbear1337 says:

I don’t think they are going to make it.

Joshua Metcalf says:

This reminds me a bit of banished, i donated €25 hope the game can reach its goal. Do you know if your city/ encampment can be attacked?

Diggidong says:

i hope this game will make it!

BananaBoysHD says:

99tn subs

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