We are going to play some more Pavlov VR. It’s a lovely fps game that plays a lot like Counter-Strike. The only difference is that this shooting game can be experienced in Virtual Reality.

Check it out on Steam VR:

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Jack Attack says:

What comes out with grenade + nathie? Granathie

Bojan Weinschenk says:

That’s an awesome gameeeeeehh

Magmal7 Roblox says:

first comment

ed wincott says:

your t shirt in this vid is amaxing! where can I get huan?

Jo-E says:

this looks like so much fun

KhaosVR says:

This game is pretty awesome! Can’t wait for more maps and game modes. 😀

Merafy says:

Nathie you should check out a cool game for the HTC Vive called Vr Home btw great vid bro

nico pwmt says:

whats dis? i spend all my money on an htc vive and thats it? or i also have to own a powerful computer?
to what do i connect the htc vive?

Acemaker says:

Nathie, have you tryed Apollo 11 VR or Dirt Rally in VR? Both are fantastic

batvanio says:

And this unfortunate like the game must headpiece virtual reality? If these are the most games of virtual reality is not worth having a headpiece on it.

Micheal Kargle says:

Love this Nathie, ive got to get this game. I think gorn updated the download for everyone BTW. In case anyone was looking for a beta key and having no luck… like I was 🙂

BHBalast says:

0L58 360 no scope xD

Memelord 420 says:

You should have learned some Russian swear words to yell at your friend when he killed you… After all, this is supposed to be just like CS:GO but in VR…

Kelkonix Artz says:

Could you stream robo recall 😀 ?

Joseph Khosef says:

Wow nathie! The new computer looks very nice? How many metaphors did it cost?

8 Lives says:

My only problem is that it takes so many shots to kill people

DeDanskeUlve says:

Nathie you wanna play something???? 🙂 tomorrow?

BSD says:

super hot was amazing game

MR Brofist says:

YESSS ( exided ) !!!

Rene Todorovic says:

because of you Nathie I now love Vr and I am save money to buy one

Carrot Survivor says:

Have u tried search and destroy yet?

EcoHyper says:

Omg I love this game cant wait when I get my vive. Also how is the population in this game?

killer gamer says:

I love your videos

Stickbot botstick bot Bot bot doge bot says:

Yay I’m 3rd to comment you make cool vids

301 Amuzustax says:

play onward

Dalin Hays says:

Art of Fight > Pavlov
Costs alittle more but I like it alot more
Better mechanics, feels more like CS:Go, takes less shots to kill guys

Denis Marchetto says:

Are you going to get on LG headset when it comes out?

nicktheg00 says:

@Nathie This looks even better than Onward almost which one do you prefer?

Hayden Mikashus says:

that was cool

Denis Marchetto says:

nathie great video as always. It is great to see the first multiplayer shooter in VR and it looks amazing on the HTC vive headset I cannot wait to see what you play next I would definitely to see more videos of this game when additional maps come out for it. Have a great night

Early Future Gaming says:

what foot/hight are you?

Jose Hidalgo says:

Looks like it takes lots of bullets to kill, I’ll stick with onward for now 😉 cool vid though

king of games clesh says:

more pavlov

Nathie says:

This game is truly amazing! It can be played with the Oculus Touch and the HTC Vive. Link’s in the description █-)

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