A New ‘War Thunder’ FPS? | Enlisted Discussion | Battlefield 1 Gameplay

Enlisted, a new tactical shooter made by Darkflow Software on the Dagor Engine and published by Gaijin Entertainment has just been announced as a crowdfunder. Let’s take a look at the available information, and why I’m not too thrilled about it.

Enlisted: http://enlisted.net/

[Outro] Tristam – Frame of Mind
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Bassman 323 says:

Knowing Gajin,the PPSH will be one hit kill and will have quadruple drum mags with 0.1 sec reload.The mosin will have heat seeking bullets and you won’t have to aim.

MikeGoesBoom says:

Damn it, I messed up the outro. What’s your take on this FPS published by Gaijin?
More info in the description!

Tentacles says:

They just had to integrate infantry into WT, nobody who played WT or OwT can play the bullshit tanks in other games anyway. But no, they made this stupid decision, and now will just lose money.

阿Ching 殺手 says:

I smell Heroes and Generals

Valkyrie gremory says:

I’m just amazed he didn’t die at all during this video. I die like 2 minutes after spawning.

WILL246 says:

They should just combine all the campaigns in one game.

TheDudeofDudes says:

God that bullet trail cancer….

767corp2 says:

Crowdfunding is just new form of pyramid scam , stupid ppls jump on it and throw their money into oblivion and few individuals get rich and laugh their ass off how they managed to pull it off !

Darth Hippy says:

Hardcore WWII shooter = Red Orchestra/ Rising Storm

Harald Kanin says:

Comment section consists of:
* Self proclaimed game designers that can’t spell simple words
* Hate towards this new game from said “game designers”
* Random hate towards random other games
* People wondering if the game is going to be free

Supreme says:

kinda sounds like a ww`ish squad type of a game…

Meepo Bellic says:

Its good on paper. Like War thunder was good on paper. Too bad. Wrong company, resulted in a never ending disappointment. So it will face the same fate.

Lawrence Cooper says:

A game by Gaijin that’s aimed to attract Russian players? Why do I have a feeling that my Kar98 won’t pierce their helmet…

MaiBigButt.mp4 says:

Ohh Mike, shame on you for being an auto noob

kissarmy110936 says:

i never knew every one would bitching about a game becouse what they are doing. most ww2 games out now are fucking boreing as hell. i fam one was the airborn game. they do something like that i would but it for sure.

Madcow Computer says:

Enlisted !! Does it feels like Massive Real War Sensation!! 100++ men online have? Just like Japan, US, Asia Hottest 53 vs 53 PvP Battlefield Mobile Suit Gundam Online. (Greatest Massive War battle in Online History)

SANIC says:

War Funder”

God i love your accent so much.

Cyka Blyat says:

uploaded on dec 12, 2016 and still no info on 2017

Donald Wrightson says:

WarThunder won’t even fix dynamic campaign which has been fubar for months!!! I won’t give them another penny until they fix it!!! Getting real fed up with Gaijin’s bullshit!!!

Lazur says:

cough…dcs…cough….all dlcs cost about 700€…cough..cough

Critical Gaming says:

what pc specs do you have?

I_Gomedi_I :D says:

gaijin ask for extra money beacause russia goverment put too much tax blame the russian goverment !!!

Oddball says:

“So much competition.”

Please, *please* stop spitting this meme like it’s still 2005. It’s been a decade since WWII has left the mainstream of the games industry, and yet people still act like the market is absolutely saturated like it was in the early 2000s.

Red Orchestra? Yeah, I’ll give you that. There’s one source of competition.
An insurgency mod? Really? Next.
Battalion 1944? I don’t know much about the project, but from what I’ve seen, it probably won’t do too hot because it’s trying to appeal to fans of outdated FPS rather than fans of the setting.
Heroes and Generals? Fucking please. *Please.*

You’ve named four games, one being a mod (so it hardly counts as anything approaching mainstream) and one which isn’t out yet. Good job.

If Enlisted is, indeed, to be an MMOFPS then it has exactly two sources of competition in the realm of WWII MMOS. Those are WWII: Online (or whatever re-release title it’s going under these days,) which is a fossil that was never able to technically achieve any of the things even FPS of the time were able to, ran like garbage (and still runs like garbage) on systems that absolutely smother the requirements, and is so thoroughly inaccessible that most people wouldn’t even consider playing it if you paid them.

The other is Heroes and Generals, which is a complete joke of a game that looks, sounds, and feels like a clunky mess. Battlefield 1942 had more realistic, better sounding, and better feeling game-play. With aircraft that flutter around like paper airplanes, laughable weapon ‘customization’ (gotta reel in the modern warfare crowd, somehow, I guess) and period-inaccurate weapons/vehicles, bad sound effects, poor feedback for the player, and haphazard graphics, it’s hardly a challenge to make a better game. I mean, look. Heroes and Generals’ biggest selling point is the fact that you can ride bikes. Pathetic.

So, Enlisted’s competitors are an old man that is barely being kept alive in an iron lung, and a remedially retarded child that everyone likes to ignore.. From a technical stand point, Gaijin will have to really screw up on a biblical scale not to exceed these two games. The only way I foresee it really failing is from the marketing side.

Gaston Rodriguez says:

im looking forward to its release.
but it should be called “volunteer” if u have to pay it…
enlisted sounds likje F2P

Solaxe S says:

“Doomed to fail” clickbait. Dislike.

HoboTango says:

“a T-34 not being taken down by a panzerfaust ”

Okay first of all, we didnt see the T-34 after the panzershreck, so you cant say it was not taken down. Tanks dont always explode like they show in video games or movies.

Second of all, the shell hit beside the tank and not on it. So why would it be taken down ?!

sparklestone says:

They should have just fucking put infantry in war thunder, no matter how bad it would be 100% better than even their new game if it was good

Raul says:

gaijin ? no thanks

Michael R. Foreman says:

In other words, this game has the same issues as Bf4. And since they did nothing at all resolve netcode issues with Bf4, I am certain the same issues exist for Bf1. A good reason to avoid purchasing this as well as any Bf game. Let us also, stop turning a blind eye that War Thunder has become outrageously expensive. IN fact, with all the bs with War Thunder today, I have lost all desire to play the game anymore. Not to mention the toxic atmosphere of the morons who play the game.

Wasteland Wanderer 1216 says:

10 to 1 odds are that the devs are gonna make the M1 Garand the worst rifle in the game even though it was way better than anything else that our allies or enemies used. Straight fact is the U.S had the best weapons for their soldiers than everyone else from the 1911 to the M1 Garand and Thompson and M3 Grease Gun.

Fucc Boi says:

Hello you sex beasts… Hopefully I’m not the only one that thinks that’s what he’s saying

Anne Isopod says:

I’m not interested in the slightest.

Gaijin has shown that they will gut a game to make it more profitable, they will say “oh we’ll make IL-2 but online, fully open maps!” and then turn it into “slightly more realistic WOT”

I do not trust them.

Kelsey D says:

so russian and germans will be the op and usa and brits will be hardcore masochistic

Gonun says:

the concept sounds a lot like Heroes and genrals…

MISTER says:

it is a cool title tho

Sinerox says:

Mike, them giving out skins, and weapons is like giving people items for backing them up on a kickstarter. Its the same thing most games do when starting out so I do not seem a connection with this and micro transations because its just a gift from them to you for backing them up on their project. Also buying campaigns is what IL-2 Sturmovik did and I love the game, when you purchase a Champaign you get new aircraft and a new map.

Florian Schweiger says:

It would be a new Forgotten Hope and that would be the greatest Game ever were on earth.

miningmanna mc says:

I think it’s funny how their payment system is shit, but Battlefield is doing the same with 50 € pack

Jack Graham says:

I think Gaijin will take a Heroes and Generals route, having ridiculous grinds and premium currency. If they don’t do that, awesome. If they do, I’m sticking to Battleground Europe.

leeboy29680 says:

i hope they got new map designers in. warthunder has some of the worst boring maps in any combat game

Zachary Pflieger says:

I was watching this for 1:30 before I realized this gameplay was battle field one and not the new warthunder FPS

Amar Ramic says:

Seeing how War Thunder was once great, I’m not touching this shit with a 15 foot pole

Sidewayz says:

YESH!!! Add more broken content to already a very broken game Wart Blunder already is

STIeveBow SKyHIgh says:

if war thunder has a fps, RIP Tanks, Boats, Planes …

* NightWalker * says:

Why the fuck do you show BF1 footage when discussing Enlisted, fanboy much? Very cheap Click-bait! Thumbed down and Not subbed. Bye, until never again.

Armored Believer says:

I’ll just spawn into my bomber, kill 20 enemy players with one bomb, nose dive the bomber into the ground, safely spawn back to my body, and then take credit for 20 rifle kills 🙂

patrick Katalenas says:

better not be shit like “Heroes & Generals” blehk! worst WW2 game i ever played!

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