Madden 16 Draft Champions Gameplay! This team is too good, this poor opponent we went against could only watch us break a very hard record

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Splash God500 says:


Tracen. says:

I got a golden ticket marcus allen today in draft champions! That’s my 2nd #Hype

Hashim Ali says:

this isn’t a 87 ovr it’s a 81

pabloy palomares says:

A mi no me sale resibir agressivo

Michael B says:

You should hire Butters to delete any comment that isn’t saying: “Hey cookieboy you are the best channel on Youtube!”… Like come on man, really?

Tyson williams says:

Cookieboy17 I think you should do a game against lostnunbound or TD presents or KayKayES or AntoDaBoss

Adrian Faudoa says:

You were using charles to much

David Lopez says:

I lost my first afc championship game rn 🙁

Aries Romano says:

Isn’t it wreaking havoc

Harold Horton says:

Ur awesome cookieboy do a video with lazarbeam you are both my favorite youtubers

DC 4 Life says:

I got golden ticket manziel once

Jim Roberts says:

I got 3 99 ‘s in a draft and 98+96+96 but my friend unplugged my game and did not save:,(

Michael B says:

Hey- sorry I commented that I liked LostNUnbound better, despite being subscribed to you cookieboy. You deleted that conversation fast! Didn’t know you were so sensitive.

Jackson Clavel says:

U didn’t even utilize doug baldwin #gohawks

Matthew Wright says:

Anyone notice he said AP broke the record with the Chargers?

Alexander Huynh says:

is it just me or should he replace troy aikman as a reporter

Pretzel 000999 says:

When is the next face cam

Tyler Stutzman says:

I don’t really know anything about draft champions, and there is no way he could’ve seen the better half backs coming, but there’s a chance if he gets the 89 center instead of Charles and later on drafts the I think 94 or 96 half back he might have gotten an 88, but I don’t really know

Ivan Thompson says:

I really didn’t think that was posidle

Jim Roberts says:

It was 99 watt and 99 berry and 99 gates

David Lopez says:

I lost my first afc championship game rn 🙁

Dylan Brunner says:


AFT DUDE says:

that vikings guy is good

pabloy palomares says:


yo boi haramba says:

Does anyone know the fastest way to get the last Michael Jordan connection I just got him during all star break should I sim to the next all star break or just keep playing

TheMatriX says:

I don’t care what people say about your appearance your content is fire keep up the good work been with you since Madden NFL 25.

Xavier King says:


heather derr says:

nzhsns m smmsismsismsjsjsndudn everyone my channel

Private Twot says:

i hate when people rush there quarter back

JenkinsGaming says:

I think you lost less games than the 76ers won

Shawn Raab says:

Cookieboy17 you are the best sports account because you are entertaining.

Clashing With Liam says:

I hate him for bringing up the interception on Brady.

Brandon Teske says:

Did anyone notice he said AP on the Chargers

Anthony Gumns says:

I hate playing people in Madden with a fast qb who just run verts all game. So trash

durka durka says:

how much have you spent overall on packs?

Eli Ezekiel says:

Pass it to drug baldwin

Mike Kelly says:

my favorite commentator

Jonathan White says:

how do you reroute

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