60 FPS Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Quiet Jungle Gameplay Demo – TGS 2014

The Phantom Pain’s 20-minute gameplay demo, now with an English voiceover in high quality 1080p60.


ELI The Janitor says:

This game has a bad gore mechanic. With more gore and better ragdoll effects, GREAT GAME

Refik Mehmeti says:

this game has the best gameplay ever

Cas ual says:

When does this game come out? Looks fun.

Blue Morlen says:

Any idea why there’s two helicopter pilots in this gameplay presentation and only one in game? It bugged me since the game was released. I kept expecting to get another pilot as an upgrade, but that never happened.

Glomo says:

What area/mission is this?

Sean Ku says:

Why did you change morphs to Pequod

familyman3809 says:

Great video !

zoa adilli says:

since you talk so annoying, why do you not end every sentence with mmkay?

Nick says:

That was an epic play out of a relatively routine mission. Would be cool to see these guys play one of the more complex missions.

Hayden Ross says:

Can you land your helicopter in the same location they do in this gameplay? Cause I don’t think you can tbh

Ancient Will™ says:

so why don’t we have that idroid menu HUD? it looks better

Sawyer L Kaiser says:

how do you aim in first person?

amri rofella says:

ramboo hahaha

Austin Johnson says:

I hate you

Elite Star Gamer says:

Brilliant, nice take down at 16:27

ItsFlaring says:

Why is Quiet’s humming so creepy

Ted Jones says:

Absolutely nothing like this ever happens in the entire game. There aren’t even enemies in this area.

FuNkY mOnEy says:

this wanna make me play this even more

blind guy suck at gaming says:

damn it a lot didnt make to the final version like the sweet soundtrack transition depending on the situarion and also the cool enemy ai and their combat

Закиров Марат says:

this game is just stupid

Venom Blastphamous, a fallen legend says:

damn so much has changed

Γιάννης Μίλησης says:

can i found this place and go there whenever I want because it is open world? and, is this an expansion?

Mahmoud Ali says:

ز ادپ تالدتال

Ese Kava says:

that girls so badass

Ahmad Sheikh says:

whaaat @3:32 i never saw Snake do that !

Supertrailgamer EliteLolMeme says:

hey where is the jungle

rod2467 says:

21:00 Can you actually do that still?

Intrax says:

Looks better than the final release.

Andre Halvarsson says:

Morthol is a much better name than peachade

Yusuf Muldrow says:

dem boots doe

townnet says:

They take away many thing such as 2 pilot, now only 1 pilot. And also take away mission complete chopper animation.

Cash Brandicoot says:

Everything is so much more dynamic, even small things like the climbing.

Hideo Kojima says:

i want ps3 and ps4 gift me………frm: philippines….i dreamsz…i want buy but i cannot afford…….T_T

Nathan uncharted Drake Videos says:

Look at The Sky so different

Jamile Sioson says:

What mission or side mission is this? i am waiting for this mission?

Andy Zeta says:

Looks better than the final release…why they changed iDroid menu and the map style?and when you fulton the soldiers seems more cools, same thing for the enviroment…

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