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SoxerMC says:

you should do a rtg like nick

Jules 3DS says:

IF Alonso is one of the best LB I’ve used. He’s high/high and has a beast longshot 🙂

Tristan Elfers says:

would love to see a RTG

quelhaspotter says:

Road to glory plssss 😀

Ronald Zabala says:

just put Roberto Carlos

Kayz Dean says:

Road to glory! Would love to see it!!!!

Ali Al-Hussein says:

TOTY Marcelo at LB, and Maldini at CB would do the trick for your defense

Matthew Metselaar says:

do you not play futchamps anymore?

Harry Langford says:

More of these please!

LIGH says:

yes pls do a road to glory

MorrisNotBoris says:

The games completely changed with the addition of fut champs. It gives us players who play the game fairly a chance against those who spend hundreds. So a road to glory would be awesome

Imran A Gram says:

You need to do a road to glory I would love it

Fuze 360 says:

Egg plzzz

Harry Langford says:

Maybe cheaper options tho

TheCombatLegend says:

not good squad, use Ferdinand / Blanc, and Alex sandro

Gavin Coakley says:

holy fuck he got that team without buying FIFA points

cas R says:

More of those teams! Maybe use this team? http://www.futhead.com/17/squads/4731329/

EatSleepSuplexRepeat says:

guys red ben yedder or griezmann?

ManicMontage says:

Road to glory would be great

TheLegend27 says:

Pffff only 6 million

vannshy says:

Have you ever tried IF Marcos Alonso ? he’s a monster in the game

iKnney says:

Get walker 82

Jerzoh says:

use alex sandro instead of marcelo or shaw he’s so good

Conguy97 says:

What is your opinion on the upgraded Kyle Walker? The new 82.

My guess: Not worth it and worse than the original.

Maher Mohammad says:

we would like to see more from you

Yasen 1 says:

please start a road to glory

Raul Chisluca says:

i would really watch a RTG.

Josh Stout says:

RTG would be awesome

Priba :D says:

Would you buy Roberto Carlos as a LB even to he has H/H work rates and is 5’6″

reggae unreggae says:

dude a road to glory fut champs would be lit. it would be interesting to watch you play with the lower rated players again

birdoandratchet says:

You should definitely get IF Marcos Alonso he is very good and better than Shaw

Infexe _ says:

nice video

Jerzoh says:

inception ure right about griezman’s left foot but i personally think dybala’s and messi’s left footed are insane aswell

Craig Smith says:

Should just upload more gameplay, no point in doing another RTG, this is already 1

HeyMannWoIstMeinAuto says:

Do it! ! !

Patrick omalley says:

try to make it to regionals

leshsum says:


BigBadBeastx says:

Road to glory on ps4 would be sick

Sound Theory says:

You’ve become insanely reliant on the LT+RT dribbling which looks incredibly annoying.

Canyon Elrod says:

Would love to see you play FUT Champs in March. Miss watching your champs streams.

fillebrax says:

Awesome vid like always! An inspiration to smaller channels 😀

Broadfawn15435 1 says:

So you’ll play fut draft, but you won’t play champs? The gameplay is better in fut champs imo

Billy Sanderz says:

Start a RTG In the new month, and then for this weeks fut champs play it and try and get top 100 to get blanc marcelo etc..

DrizzyFIFA ! says:

I don’t watch your streams anymore, but why don’t you play champs anymore

周靖挺 says:

Have you tried IF Radja Nainggolan?

Ryan PlaysMc says:

RTG please?

Wissro says:

For me, IF Marco Alonso with a shadow card at LB was really good, you might want to try him out

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