5 TOTS IN 1 FUT DRAFT!!!! – FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Draft Gameplay

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, FIFA 16 FUT Draft, 5 TOTS in 1 FUT Draft,
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Josh Grant says:

I’ve had 6 in 1 draft including Kante and marchisio

Vicious Echo says:

I got 5 of the tots in my starting 11
I have pictures
For proof

jack_leafs 51 says:

I dont like vids with no point.. this wasted my time, just keep the draft with the 5 blues -_-

Alex Ganxhi says:

Leicester won the league

GMQ says:

“That’s unfortunate”

Unjo Gratis says:

At the start why the fuck didn’t u put greizman

Papi Lord says:

You had the Sporting CB for Ruiz!

YOUSAF12348 says:

why do you say Kante like Cunte?

VsaTKillz says:

Kante is a CM, this is like the third video I’ve seen you expect him at CDM lol

Liam Webster says:

Should of taken ansaldi for strong link

Kian Merrill says:

‘Fair do’s man’

Tris Gencar says:

do a video of you explanning tots cause its confusing

Boris fifa says:

does anybody know which field that is

Nick King says:

The closed captions mess up so many words

JGUnique says:

13:12 I like the pun, you don’t Kjaer about the chemistry lol I’ll go now sorry bye

Silence 5050 says:

Nep you can’t get CM Kanye at cdm

Simon Morley says:


KezOnDex/KezNGU KiingEmpire says:

“He also just gets 10 Chem” damn nep how much Chem do you want him to have? 20? 9:20

Jesper Redeker says:

lukas got 8

Archie Routledge says:

Anyone else get 5 tots in their first draft?

Haroon Shabir says:

“Destroying your record”
You can just go back to playing offline matches to boost your record again.

First Class baby! says:

You forget about neymar lol 🙂

Jordan Antoun says:

I got 7 in a FUT DRAFT I did yesterday it was crazy

Kevin Durand says:

Does anybody know how to but coins

Kevin Durand says:


Charlie Kelleher says:

Can you start best team in Fifa again please

Omar Ali says:

y u defult

RGbags says:

9:30 klaassen you nobhead

polarismolaris says:

u suk

Matthew Troy says:

What is his background music ?

Shash is Cash says:

Junozuvic has 92 fk accuracy

Starclye 02 says:

You should work at EA

Drifta2K9 says:

What the hell is that banging in the background?

Mahfoud Belatbi says:

I know I might sound a bit nooby but can someone tell what tots mean?

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