4 TURNOVERS IN A ROW OMG !!! Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team Gameplay

Madden 17 FOUR TURNOVERS IN A ROW OMG !!! Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team. I appreciate all the support you guys leave and every like and comment helps out.


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Patrick .G says:

Loving the content wahoooooo

Tee Word says:

Maaaan! Kouppa back with the fire and emotion, look like you havin fun again young sir!

s1ms07 says:

that boy said bootyhole garbage meat lol

Marc Paul says:

Cross your I’s and Dot your Tees on this one right here lol

Just Haha says:

say goodnight I can like a pro please please win this game are you a pro or not

Bakari McAllister 41 says:


brian1234567894 says:

Love how easy it is to throw on the run in this game

Jake Sanchez says:

I want him to invest in a newface camm so badddddd.

Anonymous Rex says:

That Headbutt tho

Leon MAMBA Jr says:

great video fam always entertaining

Joey Bates says:

damn titus davis was killing it

Peaceganjareggae says:

Crush dat like button

clintontyler22 says:

let’s go!

Alan Andrar says:

kouppa loving these videos fam
u the best

Shakah Zoulou says:

Lookin like great value Franklin from GTA V

The Chibonator says:

how does he have Desean Jackson trainer and Aaron Donald trainer cards

squeakky11 says:

Online Ranked……….????

manniefresh769 says:

wanna see u and Mav play now

Scoop theGawdd says:

Brooooooooooo, You need to invest in a new mic.

Kami Kuma says:

nice upload man!

Anthony Rodriguez says:

keep it up

TheLurkKing says:

Koup da goat!!!

Tee Word says:

Oh and dont think we didn’t notice you turned green in the vid. You need to bring the green-Kouppa charge up to all the vids to get these wins bruh!

SeaSicknessVisual says:

next time turn down the musoc

John Faulkner says:

Koup do some collabs with Mav mane………. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan Cole says:

Yo that was funny AF. You Kouppa there’s a ultimate team stuff you can do to get an Adrian Peterson

Qumeer Brown says:

Notification squad rise

corey butterman says:

kouppa you kinda look like kevin durant lol

29biglex says:

The Best Game I have Seen!!!!!!!! Ballz Sky High!!!!!!!

TheRatedD says:

*_Great from start to finish_*

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