2017 Upcoming Games – Top 13 NEW Trailers (PS4 Xbox One PC)

Check out 13 EPIC Upcoming Games of 2017 ! NEW Trailers of Upcoming PS4 Games, Xbox One Games & PC Games 2017 !
ONLY 1080p Gameplay & Trailer ! What are your most anticipated New PS4, Xbox One or PC Games in 2017 ?
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Pure Gold 1 – Niklas Ahlström

Sonsg I used because of copyright:
– Styx: Shards of Darkness: Blood on the Rocks by Robin Ahnlund
– Gran Turismo Sport: Furious 2 – Niklas Gustavsson

MY TOP 13:

#13 Injustice 2 (play me: 00:15)
Release: May 16, 2017
Playstation 4 / Xbox One
Buy now: http://amzn.to/1UQicbb

#12 Styx: Shards of Darkness (play me: 02:18)
Release: 2017
Playstation 4 / Xbox One / PC
Buy now: http://amzn.to/2e7OMYH

#11 VAMPYR (play me: 03:53)
Release: 2017
Playstation 4 / Xbox One / PC
not yet ready to preorder.. but what about
Death Stranding? Get it here: http://amzn.to/2jg8MIA

#10 Troll and I (play me: 05:18)
Release: March 21, 2017
Playstation 4 / Xbox One / PC
Buy now: http://amzn.to/2jGH7DI

#9 For Honor (play me: 06:20)
Release: February 14, 2017
Playstation 4 / Xbox One / PC
Buy now: http://amzn.to/1XrhXa5

#8 Crash Bandicoot N Sane Triology (play me: 07:41)
Release: 2017
Playstation 4 Exclusive
Buy now: http://amzn.to/2jwNGGO

#7 Ark Park (play me: 09:46)
Release: 2017
Playstation VR Exclusive

#6 Quake Champions (play me: 11:48)
Release: 2017
PC Exclusive

#5 Persona 5 (play me: 12:50)
Release: April 4, 2017
Playstation 4 Exclusive
Buy now: http://amzn.to/2jUFwId

#4 Gran Turismo Sport (play me: 14:24)
Release: 2017
Playstation 4 Exclusive
Buy now: http://amzn.to/2iSD973

#3 Rime (play me: 16:19)
Release: May 2017
Playstation 4 / Xbox One / PC / Nintendo
Buy now:http://amzn.to/2iSUiNL

#2 Malicious Fallen (play me: 18:18)
Release: Spring 2017
PS4 Exclusive

#1 Horizon: Zero Dawn (play me: 19:07)
Release: February 28, 2017
Playstation 4 exclusive
Buy now: http://amzn.to/1XYjyF0


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This Video contains the best, greatest, most anticipated and most wanted upcoming games 2017 on PC / XBOX ONE / PS4 Playstation 4 / Xbox 360 and PS3 Playstation 3.

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Mighty Saiyan says:

failed nothing good except Horzion zero at dawn.

Spicy Slice says:

I can’t wait for injustice 2, so hyped

Anonymous says:

Wieder ein sehr gelungenes Video! Mach weiter so, weil du echt potential hast, groß rauszukommen 🙂

Christian Flores says:

Vampyr looks really cool

Julian Versluis says:

man horizon zero dawn seems really cool, reminds me of monster hunter, but the maybe, probably, main character female protagonist sounds like she’s got no personality and is extremely boring, and the whole story seems very generic, so I guess it’s all about the gameplay, and ofcourse how pretty things look, that seems to be a must in modern gaming. allthough I’d love to be surprised.

gamer 360 says:

great wowwww

SKI gaming says:

where GTA 6 and FIFA 18

Римма Алексеева says:

Do you want to talk with real girl? Click: #dearManMeetMeHere

je suis belle comme la poubelle says:

toop zombie game

Autismic Bagel says:


Jashua Carter says:

Who is watching this in 2017

courtland hobbs says:

what is that song on GTS. great vid btw

Dan Ny says:

3 good games..

Shadow says:

your production skills are subpar

sasa dragosavljevic says:

injustis 2 is rigrh after my birthday

Fame Veloz says:

that Doritos commercial tho cx

halo 40 dark says:


Endre Sch says:

Do anyone know the name of the shard of darkness’s, trailer’s soundtrack ? x)

Google Chrome Google Play says:


Andrej Arendáš says:

anybody noticed that swastika in the beginning?

DragonReaver says:

If you put the skip in the upper part of the screen we can’t click it while it’s fullscreen just an fyi.

Classic Maxi says:

Song at number 4?

Idroo gen says:

ark park is a shit

Edward Jam says:

Again with the gay intro music..and also between games?..why!!!!!.

Tuquan DaGAMER says:

Is this a re-upload

Alfredo Parrilla says:

i wish all list videos had that skip to the next one you put here, that was great lol

jon moore says:

I want to play number 11 and styx

Giannis Agortzas says:

will grand turismo be for the simple ps4 or just the pro?

Ewenya p says:

Horizon Zero Dawn will have a really hard time to live up to all the hype..

Liah AU' says:

Bruhhhh these games suck. I’m finna switch teams and see if PS4 has better games cause I’m tired of seeing games that are whack or no story modes and just mainly used for multiplayer!

ehansen646 says:

lool troll and i looks like its new for 2007

Suyash J says:

Wildly inappropriate music for Styx

BWithMarinou says:

can’t wait to play Horizon: Zero Dawn :O

AMagicalPotato says:

Shadow of War

KreeekzZ Privat says:

Ghost Recon ???

Lembu says:

wahts so good about vampyr really

Evgenios Nikolopoulos says:

I like of this Games: Injustice 2, For Honor and Crash Bandicoot !

magnusm4 says:

Nice a Styx 2. I found the concept interesting and I like Styx’s personality and a little ugly guy being the clever badass is a welcoming twist to the usual badass in every other game trying to be an edgelord with attitude and a troubled past when it’s their own fault what happened.

Vampyr? Why did they name the game vampire in swedish? But I love their over the top accents, they always makes games and shows better. But it would be even more amazing if they used the insults of that accent as well like the scottsman from Samurai Jack spewing so damn many insults it’s hilarious.

Troll And I is wrong. That art style and that buddy story does NOT fit into a dramatic suspenseful story. It’s for of a Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons kind of vibe but it’s weird that it starts looking like medieval and randomly goes into modern time, guess modern time means boring environment and not as grand as the other game.

For Honor. BITCH your definition of honor has nothing on true anxiety or depression. In your fear at least you have yourself to find strength from but you can’t imagine having everything that defines you and pulls you forward ripped away from yourself left helpless to crumble and decay your body and soul into despair and only desperately begging for help from others who feel like empty repulsive shells to you, even your own family. Don’t talk shit about fear until you are left with absolutely nothing to face fear with at all.
Oh and the trailer makes no sense. It’s the dark ages, fights, knights nothing else so fail. Might as well be a trailer for The Witcher 1 for all I know.

Crash bandicoot. original updated sound effects, enemies disappear into the background when hit, everything is the same and nothing changed. Is this a fan project or an indie game? Cause i will not believe a modern big development company would do this without messing something up. Today they can’t make a reboot without cliche Pixar protagonist it like Ratchet & Clank.

Ark Park. ok the latest Jurassik Park was a hit so let’s make a game like that, VR is getting popular so let’s make it a vr game what else hmmm OH RIGHT ripping off cliche sci fi and futuristic designs are popular, easy and cheap so let’s take that like everyone else and add it into our game. That’s it let’s get to work. Who says you have to try to make a good game, just take everything modern and popular and it’s a big hit.

Quake Champions. “pure fps” as in only multiplayer and absolutely no campaign for single player or co op to have fun in and only play competitively. You took the style of Quake 1 but you forgot one thing. IT’S BASED ON H.P LOVECRAFT meaning the presence of incomprehensible forces and beings. You also took a damn boss from WoW and Tf2 and just chained it down with no purpose. You have made 3 story based Quake games and 1 arena, of course the arena is the best choice for old and new players.
Why is everyone taking only the good stuff without anything that made it great. Quake 3 is already a balanced and played game, do they think they can just pull off a Starcraft 2 and make it the next Esport over Quake Live?.

Persona 5. Anime fans unite! Looks like a cross between No More Heroes 2 and Catherine with Final Fantasy rpg? what? At least it got a mercy option and talking to the enemy like in The Elder Scrolls battlespire.

Gran Turismo Sport. Not Mario Kart, same boring racing game to me il pass. Next.

Rime. Hey it’s Brothers: Tale Of no wait this is another game. Ah another artistic adventure game, it’s suspenseful moments seem a little forced but it seem to be interesting. Seems like it took the island and architecture design of Mist though with less ambiguity, silence, loneliness and wonder of the story and secret of the island.

Malicious Fallen. Uh Anime meets Persona meets Final Fantasy design meets Kingdom Hearts something meets Dynasty Warriors meets ARGH I give up I have no idea.

Horizon Zero Dawn. Open adventure is popular, sci fi model sized piece robots and technology is popular, forced plot with lack of character is common and easy to do. So future robots are now ancient and the developers makes absolutely no attempt to make a memorable timeless game with unique gameplay and just another product of it’s time with the most soulless empty plot driving exposition protagonist ever invented. There wasn’t a single bit of dialogue or monologing that wasn’t exposition and plot.

Sadly the most fun seems to be Styx 2 and Crash bandicoot which is a really old game. The rest is just boring products of the time which sucks

davoz28 says:

Subbed just because of the info / layout under the show more button.

yahia criminal 98 says:


Bogdan Kljajić says:

Who else is exited for Styx

John The champ says:


classic man1st boom says:

Thx for making these vidsnit really helps to see what games I want this year.

eileen fugmann says:

whoooop whoooop

Betrex folthrond says:

bitch were is The Breathe Of The Wild

Sukh kandola says:

Awesome video bro! waiting for next one

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