15 FPS Gameplay Mechanics That Make No Sense

FPS games can be fun but they unfortunately don’t always make sense. Here are our top 15 picks for first person shooter concepts that make no sense.





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Shepard says:

Hold on. Not once has there ever been an option for dual wielding in a single Battlefield, at least, in the more modern games.

Gijoemasters says:

One thing that bothers me is, how is your character able to figure out how to use and reload enemy weapons instantly

Austin Cantrell says:

The STALKER series added weapon wear and tear as you used them. With mods it even added weapon cleaning kits necessary to maintain your weapon or else you would constantly have jams.

Evan Kelly says:

What about not being able to see your legs?

A Rudd says:

There ARE 1 use weapons in use by armies, several RPG/rocket launchers are single use.

Manuel Sotelo says:

I always liked the weapon jamming in far cry 2. im sad they didnt involve this in the later games

Haloguy Graham says:

rail guns don’t have any recoil because the slug is moved with electromagnets right?

Rank17Medic [PVZGW] says:

Guys… Rocker Launchers have exhaust ports for a reason… There would be no recoil…

Etchfamilyguy says:

im ok with all that to an extent. my main concern with fps. getting stuck on something less than a foot off the ground and i cant see it. cant they have the character walk over it. jumping really high just to try to get over something so small is ridiculous

AtemerusRhayli says:

Another quick comment about Spartans (Halo), they are meant to be far more resistant and faster than normal humans since they are some kind of step for being a Forerunner (see Halo: Waypoint for more information about that), so the railgun it does have a big recoil but for them it wouldnt affect them a lot when firing it

Totallynot Apuffball says:

Spy’s backstab is an insta-kill with a knife.

Mai Kawaii P-Chan says:

so basically this video is to complain about Wolfenstein and black ops… lol half of it was about it haha.

James Dobbs says:

I thought quake invented rocket jump

Crash says:

one concept i dont get is hip fire, ive never seen a soldier fire an AR from his hip and accurately gun down an enemy, a lmg or shotgun may work at close range but normally you need to use the sights

Kole Heyl says:

I’m not a fan of halo but if you even know a small amount of history Spartans are super soldiers meant to take a lot of damage and kick out as much if I’m right in one of the games you jump from space to a planet and are barely affected so do you really think firing a gun it going to affect them they can rip off machine guns from their mounts and flip vehicles even the big ones like the wraith and sliding into enemies isn’t in the code it’s an option you can do it in real life but it would be stupid

Francisco Dominguez says:

rockets dont have that much recoil to begin with so have little to no recoil is realistic

Jorge Corea says:

I don’t understand no. 3.
Of course you could just pick an enemy weapon and use it, why would an enemy carry an unusable weapon? Sure you wouldn’t be as effective as if you were using a gun you’ve adjusted yourself and are accustom to it, but you could still use it.

Oh and as far as I remember Battlefield has never had dual wielding guns.

Haloguy Graham says:

rail guns don’t have any recoil because the slug is moved with electromagnets right?

Shadowlogic420 says:

um.. a rocket launcher shouldn’t have much recoil.. given that it relies on a ROCKET MOTOR.. granted there is a small charge that launches it out of the tube, but the gasses aren’t held back by anything… they go out of the back of the launcher.. :/

The Batman says:

Dual wielding makes perfect sense in just cause when the main character rides a nuke

Jargon Madjin says:

I’m gonna make it plain and simple, games aren’t meant to make sense, that’s what real life is for.

Hamilton Mcgregory says:

another thing to add is in call of duty you basically have unlimited ammo. you shoot a couple bullets then drop that mag that still had plenty of ammo. it always kinda bugged me. but I guess at the same time you won’t have time to put in 1 bullet at a time into the magazine

Zach Albertson says:

one comment… rocket launchers of any type that exist have no recoil.. hence backblast

MikeHype says:

GamingBolt the cancer of gaming

RBomb says:

Real RPGs don’t have any kick, dumbass.

justin kevin john Cuenca says:

Dont care its awesome

Sgrios says:

TO be fair, the Railgun or Spartan Lasers are said to not be weapons that normal people can wield. The Railgun would send people flying, whom were not spartans. As far as the M6 Spartan laser goes, it could actually kill people whom were using it! Fairness rant done.

walkagator tv says:

your videos are ok but you should say the names of that game with the whip

GetzThePuddin says:

Wrong about the grenades one…. Enemy’s will cook them on hard difficulties especially in the COD franchise.

nolan freeman says:

Watch sniper bulletproof or sniper inside the crosshairs i cant remember which one they are real stories and there was a guy in vietnam that killed 2 nva by dual wielding so actually gamingbolt it is possible

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