13 Upcoming New CITY BUILDING Games 2018 – Civilization, City & Town Management

These are 13 City Building Games still upcoming for 2018.


00:05 Depraved
01:33 Ostriv
03:34 Foundations
05:29 Akhenaten Rule as Pharao
06:15 Hard Ancient Life
07:30 Dawn of Man
08:59 Ancient Cities
10:59 Industries of Titan
11:55 Workers & Resources Soviet Republic
14:00 The Universim
15:57 Frostpunk
18:03 Tropico 6
19:13 Anno 1800


777scubadiver says:

I want all but two of these. Time to start selling blood and plasma to pay for them.

Андрей Гервасов says:

For the soviet Russia, for the motherland!!!

Patrick3751 says:

Tropico 6 and Frostpunk for consoles are what I was originally most excited for! But Anno 1800 looks pretty dang awesome and I am totally looking forward to Soviet Republic!

ionicafardefrica says:

The good games are at the end

Oscar Plays says:

The universim is my fav

Kindsaza DK says:

Spoilers, Frostpunk: “finally the time has come, to build the last city on earth” For 40 or 50 days that is… Then the weather magically changes and we can move back.

Alexandrous says:

I am so happy there are 2 egyptian themed games here!!!!!! <3

Tobias says:

Only Ancient Cities and Industries of titan looked interesting. Also, why is it that Tropico 6 looks like Tropico 3 with some new gimmicks.

urla TV says:

the only good game at this list is soviet one

Rover Waters says:


Ask says:

2018 games ? =))) are u kidding ? wtf is wrong with new city building games ?

qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm says:

Anno and cities skylines are the best city buliding games for me

MrZelegor says:

Knights & Merchants
If this game will be updated in the future with some new buildings and units also with a bit better graphic it would be the top 1 strategy game, i’m sure about that!
Even if they release Age of Empire 4 in this century….

Bob3D2000 says:

6:00 It wasn’t just the tips of the pyramids that were white; the whole thing was white.

M D. says:

a bunch of Banished clones.

Bill Kerman says:

none of these will tople skylines

Rahmat Prihartono says:

No cities skylines 2 ???

raylis lane says:

we are still very far from something decent

Lenny says:

i feel like most of these are just gonna be like banished…

nrublikmadaful says:

Banished is still better.

StormWolf says:

If Ostriv is going to come out in 2018, they better hurry the heck up. It’s almost September and they’re still in Alpha.

George Barbosa says:

many new city building, but none of them seems to be a “game changing“ new challenge, just the same banished/ simcity, rip off.
we need something new, a new form of gameplay, some new idea.

Chris Fayte says:

Beware when a game dev adverts their game and only shows you cinematics, thats a telltale sign the gameplay sux.

Ігор Паркулаб says:

Ostriv – the best

Yas Lana says:

Okay, but can we talk about Hard Ancient Life is basically a remake of Pharaoh and this is the best news and right now I am so freaking exited for that game?

Astrofabio says:

the best for me Soviet Republic …

Manlienfeldenco Birgapontazzindisfrucchi says:

11:57 title of song?? please! thanks

George G says:

Tropico 6 all the way baby!

Geralt Of Trivia says:

Wait… The song in the beginning… Isn’t that “The House of the Rising Sun”? It sounds really similar at least.

VitaKet says:

Hadn’t heard of any buit the last 4, usually hard to find titles I havent heard of. +1

Grizzly BƎAR says:

Be cool if anyone made a game to where you can build different tribes, city-states and/or civilizations and have them war or trade with each other while also progressing so civilization into Bronze Age or Industrial Age (how Spore should’ve been), but that might be too much to ask for.

Le Daverix says:

thehe, i love the cut between Frostpunk and Tropico … seems that icy city isnt the last city on earth 😀

Raseena K.K says:

Is it for android??

Shri says:

@6:26 HAL resembles with Pharaoh

Chris Ashes says:

Am I too demanding? none of these games seemed interesting, perhaps that titan one, but.. I dont know, all new building games lack something imo

zombiesingularity says:

So annoying to see fun games with god awful graphics.

junkandcrapamen says:

re: Dawn of Man … the first humans were not palefaces.

Konstantin says:

1999 called they want their games back..

Hashem Hashem says:

Looking forward to Anno the most.

Dawid Ziecina says:

Tropico 6 – nothing new from tropico 3, nice, b*stards

Eltheric Black Marsh says:

nmm la mayoria de los juegos que se mostraron, las gaficas son como de año 2002, que desepcion, pero como siempre la serie de juegos anno me deja feliz :), me pondre a investigar ese juego de industrias titan, se ve interesante

Targarian says:

fajne zestawienie ale gry w większości słabe i nieciekawe… czy nic w tym roku fajnego nie wyjdzie?

Tian Li says:

I fall in loved with the first game, because it is so similar with Banished

Bailey says:

What a sad state of affairs for city builders in 2018!

Michael Schwab says:

Tropico6 and Anno 1800 be TOP!!

edgy hot pocket says:

Hal looks fun

Harry Sutton says:

HAL ftw

Ashley Haselbarth says:

I want them all! (except ostriv and depraved)

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