13 minutes of Fifa 17 gameplay – The first ever 2 v 2 match from Gamescom 2016

Join the cover star of Fifa 17 himself as he avails himself surprisingly well in this full 2 v 2 match from Gamescom 2016.

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Youssef Agopian says:

the worst fifa ever

David Power says:

it still looks like a chore to play.

Big Rush says:

i am so disapointed EA

awolf007 says:

This moron asks Reus, “Who’s your team?” KYS.

Tshego Mokonoto says:

If EA actually paid attention to our complaints, they’d improve their game. Wait till you go online, than you will see crap.


Is that Zedd?

Aiden Tokonitz says:

Just get the demo from origin, I played it it’s much better than fifa 16

Korre says:

Looks good..why has it been the same commentary for the last 5 years tho.. we need someone like gary neville who can pant during the game..

jean carlos melendez says:

I always say this the best tactical fifa ever made was fifa 13, period!!!

Weskoh ◢◤ says:

I would love to play fifa with Reus haha it must be fun

Pronosticate Pick says:

pronósticos deportivos gratis

Mehmet Ertohan says:


Barry Walton says:

Just saw the demo. Looks like a stiff version of pes. It’s trying to be pes but it’s not. M

Jake Dickson says:

Spencer Owen is such an annoying prick

قناة المحترف says:


Tonci Adrian says:

was für schlechtes englisch von Reus , peinlich

Stu Newcastle says:

Not saying the person who is controlling Dortmund isn’t a good FIFA player, but you can tell the momentum of the game is with him. I hope this FIFA hasn’t got much scripting bullshit in it and momentum switches, when it nerfs your players in play to give the opponent a chance of a come back or win.

kuhmilch says:

Reus was like. Dafuq I am doing here. I ‘ll get injured for sure again.

Bili Gani says:


Ray Ak says:

reus be like’ i chillie with my fwends’


The second goal had me smiling like I was an idiot… Just beautiful!

Ryan Cheverie says:

Same as 16

Man from the Orient says:

This game will never change. Poor graphics, poor animations, very unnatural faces with way too many generic players and star players with very old scans. PES looks way better in terms of animations and graphics especially the scanned teams eventhough it also has a lot of bad aspects as well. Konami and EA are very lucky that 2K doesn’t produce a football game otherwise both of them would be finished.

donkeyshowjoe says:

I’m kind of a big deal when it comes to fifa

Cristian Montalvo says:

i won 3 times straight against the 2016 fifa interactive world cup champ

Православац Албанац says:

Looks more like pes..this game sucks..Fifa 16 all the way

Destro64# says:

Can anyone tell me if you still gona need to pay to play online? Besides Plus on PS4

Jack Canham says:

Limón playing Fifa 17 with Reus? Thought he was dead?

Jeremain Lens says:

There are 2 types of Fifa players
Castro-freaking out
Reus-staying calm

pradyumn narnolia says:

Every year the gameplay looks the same until you actually play it.

Andres Moros says:

Marco Reus is the best!

Alex Holdberh says:

wielst du mich verarschen marco reus

Hugh Jashole says:

Outside of the Licensing war… PES is now on another level. Es[ecially in the gameplay dept. If you want realism check out PES 17. If you want arcade style play with what looks like stick people playing soccer… stick with FIFA.

Ahmad Muzammil Ridza says:

The gameplay is so fast

kaylan burnett says:

Dont like that cheeky cunt Spencer

Sumeet Watwani says:

does it also have ea server problems? n plz anyone help me with fifa !4 ea server fix for pc!

Daniel F. says:

hold on, is that Zedd???

josh cartwright says:

honestly this game looks shit

Kendal manis says:

Fifa 17 sucks boring i dont sell this game

Lian Bond says:

Reus seems like a cunt

Important Thinker says:

wow. looks awful.

Said Ahmed says:

who has fifa 17 on ps4 reply comment

Van Van says:

The gameplay has certainly been improved but I barely see a difference in the graphics.

OyunManyağıTv says:

free install my channel!

Ray Ak says:


Evilencho says:

one question, is it possible play 2 vs 2 in the same console? 4 players(offline obviously)

ala ala says:

They accelerate it or whattt!!!DAMMN WHAT IS THAT!!!

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