11 minutes of Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Gameplay (Arms Race)

Join Johnny and Edwin as they take a look at some new Gears of War 4 multiplayer gameplay, featuring a mode called Arms Race.

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h15c0r3r says:

I’m not sure if it is just me but it doesn’t look quite as nice as the other games. I played the beta and it looked a little ‘washed’ out in places.

Henbot says:

Wasnt as painful as I thought it would be, the gameplay — not because of the game but those playing it. The dude did well — whoever was playing at points but had some hiccups. Not bad idea doing gun game for the team though

Yolo Swaggins says:

What does Sony have, lmao? I thank fucking god I bought an Xbox One instead of PS4.

TheMarksmansam says:

So i was told multiplayer isn’t crossplatform. only horde and campaign

NyC says:

No.. Please.. Not the retro.

NyC says:

No.. Please.. Not the retro.

mahmood montague says:

lol xbox exclusive

Gon Freecess says:

i hate when guns float like that lol

ulcerousbarrel says:

does he have a apple watch on and why does ultimate edition and gears 3 look better then the NEWEST one

lalo 1245567899413 says:

i wish they added free for all and character skins from gears judgement:(

BrahManDude says:

its looking fun like gow3 with added weapons and modes

The Gaming Snake says:

Looks fun

Xavier lazure bischoff says:


Craig1287 says:

Holy crap, gamepad gameplay is so annoying to watch.

mahmood montague says:

ps4 is bs

xxNadz8 says:

omfg retro lancer yes

Ben Schnapp says:

Did they mention what platform this gameplay footage came from? Is this Xbox or PC?

Gaj B says:

I would have cared about this in 2006…. but they’ve failed to evolve it for 2016, looks the same.

Microsoft are so bad at this, Halo sucks now, Forza fails to evolve, Gears of War is just going back to the pot.

Look at that God of War reveal, that’s how you reboot a franchise, don’t just do the same thing again and again.

Wouter de Been says:

it looks dated

The Assasin says:

wtf is this game

Gash Hammer says:

This looks wikedy wank.

rvbcabo0se says:

Man this looks good

carpetfluff35 says:

The footage totally undermines anything that sounded remotely new or interesting that was spoken about by clearly being just Gears again.

Ed Tryhardy says:

The graphics are piss poor for unreal engine, wtf?

WeeWeeJumbo says:

Memorable, distinctive and special! This *fourth* sequel exists for totally great reasons, and I can tell because the people who played the alpha spoke in glowing terms about its creativity and originality

Watheverable GRAMPS says:

Looks like a 6/10 game with the Gears of War name slapped on for brand recognition.

Pur3xOwNaGe says:

1:52 Dont you love it when you have teammates like this

Chuka Kaelo says:

Uncharted on steroids

Guillermo Guerrero says:

Are these guys bots

FrOzEnGiRl Official says:

Nice 🙂

TLSPanthers says:

Wow, the gameplay looks the same as the other games. It is almost like it is a sequel…

mirilion79 says:

same game 4, the amazing sequel to same game 3

Run around, hide behind cover and shoot your friends in the face over and over! Level up your character! Press button to receive cheese! Good boy!

NoLeftTrigger says:

Looks trash.. Not a true gears veteran if you think this is gonna be good

Connor Smith says:

11 minutes until gears 4, might as well watch this

internê br says:


I 1 says:

What I’m looking for would to Is Game UE & Xb1s-GofW4 but what I’m not looking for would to is Play anywhere witch Is PC, I don’t like PC in General coz people on PC gonna reck game ruin everything I hate moders hackers

Concord Ecllipse says:

I see alot of people bashing the graphics, now im not being aggressive about this. But Gears 3 was all texture tricks. Sure the models had actuall bumbs and extending pieces but the vast majority of it was textures. The UE was built off of an earlier game which ran slower and had simpler animations, it allowed the models to be built with greater quality because they didnt need as much flexability. 4 has alot more intricate animations and true details in the models. Now all games have textures, some better than others, but Gears 4 is using true modeling and textures to make some very good looking characters which do alot of animations. Always keep stuff like that in mind when looking at the quality of a games character models.

Ignacio Arancibia says:

retro Lancer and markza yeaaahh my favorite guns


Well I have always enjoyed Gears of War and will be enjoying this one on PC this time just like GoW Remake.

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